Note that many synonyms do not have exactly the same meaning; take the time to learn the differences.

Accident: mishap

I’m afraid there has been a bit of a mishap with the bookings.

Animal: creature; beast

There are reports of a large creature roaming the moors.

Books / Magazines: literature; reading material

He is a big fan of classical literature.
I’m looking for some reading material for the journey.

Box: container; carton; crate

I keep the sugar in a container on the top shelf.
There is a carton of milk in the fridge.
The shop just got a fresh crate of sandwiches delivered.

Car / Bus / Truck: vehicles; transport; wheels

There are too many vehicles on the road, and many of them are driven by bad drivers.
I’m looking for some transport to get me to Leeds. Is there a bus or train from here?
She just bought herself some new wheels.

Clothes: attire; threads; wardrobe

She came to work dressed in some totally ill-chosen attire.
He likes to spend his pocket money on new threads.
I need to get a new wardrobe; all my clothes look like they are from the 1970s.

Company: business; corporation

Opening a new business takes a lot of hard work and, sometimes, a lot of money.
It is one of the biggest corporations in the world, and one of the least popular.

Computing: IT

You should go to speak with the guys in the IT department if you have a problem with the computer or network.

Country: nation; state

There will be 32 nations playing in this competition.
The Head of States were all there except ours.

Drink: beverage

Care for a beverage?

Family: relations; relatives; kin

She gets on with all his relations.
Each Thanksgiving he has to have dinner with his relatives. It is the worst day of the year.
You can’t throw me out: we’re kin!

Food: tucker

Where can I find some good tucker around here?

Fun: enjoyment; entertainment; amusement

I don’t find much enjoyment in karaoke, I’m afraid.
Is there much to do for entertainment in this town?
She makes models for her amusement.

Glasses: spectacles

She is always leaving her spectacles somewhere. She is rather forgetful.

Hobby: pastime

One of my favourite pastimes is fishing. I love it.

Holiday: vacation; break

All year she has said she wants a vacation, and then the holidays come and she stays at home doing housework. Weird.
When he was a child he enjoyed spending his summer break wandering around the woods building forts.

Idea: thought

I’ve got a thought about our new advertising campaign: a hot air balloon.

Internet: web

There is so much rubbish on the web, but I still waste hours and hours on it.

Love: amour

The the thing about amour is you never know when it will arrive.

Manners: etiquette

I’ve heard that in Maori culture it is polite etiquette to sing a song to the village chief. Is that right?

Pants: trousers

Oh no, I’ve spilled yoghurt all down my trousers.

Picture: photograph; painting; portrait

There is a girl in the back of the photograph making a strange face.
Some of the world’s most famous paintings are situated in Paris.
All along the walls are portraits of some of the castle’s previous owners.

Restaurant: diner

There is a small diner on the corner that sells excellent coffee.

Score: grade; result

For such a smart student, his final grade was quite disappointing.
Today’s football results are coming in…United 0 City 0….Athletic 0 Rovers 0…

Shoes: footwear

The skateboard shop has some nice footwear for sale, albeit at rather high prices.

Trip: journey; voyage

I find that the journey to get to a place is often more enjoyable than being in the place.
I once took a voyage on a container ship across the Atlantic Ocean. It took 5 days.