break in enter a building illegally
2. to use a new, uncomfortable product a few times in order to get familiar and comfortable with it

– examples

Three burglars broke into the chip shop last night.

It has been two weeks since their house was broken into, but he is still frightened.

Dave is breaking in his new shoes this week before the wedding this weekend.

The staff had a laugh breaking the intern in, giving her lots of stupid jobs to do.

I’m breaking my new computer in at the moment: trying a few things, seeing what it can do.

plug in
to plug an electronic item into a wall, socket, or other place it should go

– examples

In Dave’s kitchen there are 5 devices all plugged into the same extension cord: a toaster, a microwave, a fridge, a toasted sandwich maker, and a blender. I think it is a fire risk.

“I’ve plugged my computer into the socket by your desk, if that is OK.”