Useful Vocabulary & Phrases


The … doesn’t work
The … is broken
I can’t seem to …(do something)
We don’t seem to have any…
I asked for a …, but you’ve given me…

Being angry

It’s not good enough
I expect better
I’ve paid good money for this
You’re kidding, right?
What sort of scam are you running here?

Getting the manager

I want to speak to your manager
I want to speak to your supervisor
Who is in charge here?

Staff Responses

Someone will be right up.
Someone will be with you shortly.
I’ll have someone check that right away.

I’m sorry you feel that way but there is nothing I can do.
I’m afraid the hotel’s policy is…



Dialogue 1

“Excuse me, but I can’t seem to get my key to work.”
“Ok. Let me have someone go up with you and help you with that.”

Dialogue 2

“Excuse me, but we ordered a double room. You seem to have given us a single.”
“I’m sorry. Let me change that for you.”

Dialogue 3

“Sorry, but we don’t have any towels in our room, and don’t seem to have any hot water.”
“Really? What room are you in?”
“We’ll send someone right up with the towels and have someone take a look at the water.”
“Thank you.”

Dialogue 4

“Excuse me, I have a problem with my room.”
“What seems to be the problem, ma’am?”
“The noise. The walls are wafer-thin. I can hear the street, next door, and the pipes.”
“I’m afraid it is the only room we have.”
“Well, I can’t stay there. I have a meeting tomorrow and need some sleep.”
“I’m very sorry.”
“I’d like to check out and get my money back.”
“I’m sorry ma’am, but hotel policy is no refunds once guests have checked in.”
“What?! I’m afraid that isn’t good enough. Let me speak to your manager please.”
“I’m afraid the manager isn’t here. She is on holiday.”
“Good grief. Well, let me talk to your supervisor.”
“OK, please wait a moment.”

Dialogue 5

“Excuse me. We asked for a room with a view of the beach, but our window faces the car park.”
“Ah, yes, I’m sorry about that, but all the beach-front rooms are taken.”
“But you charged us for a beach-front room.”
“I’m sorry. Let me get the manager and he can sort that for you.”