Dialogue 1 (on arriving at the restaurant)

“Good evening. Welcome to Big Joe’s. How may I help you?”
“We have a reservation for 2 in the name of Smith.”
“Let me see. Ah, yes, Let me show you to your table.”

Dialogue 2 (at the table)

“Here are your menus, and let me tell you about today’s specials: we have fried beef with a pepper sauce, and steamed fish with seasonal vegetables. Can I get you anything to drink?”
“Can we get a bottle of the house red?”
“Certainly. And would you like some bread to start?”
“That would be lovely.”

Dialogue 3 (ordering)

Note: when pointing to/ordering off a menu,, most people use ‘the’

“Are you ready to order?”
“Yes, thank you. Can I have the beef?”
“Certainly. And how would you like that cooked?”
“Medium-rare please.”
“And for you sir?”
“I would like the vegetarian pasta please.”
“Ok. So one beef, and one vegetarian pasta. If you need anything else, just ask.”

Dialogue 4 (bringing the food)

“Vegetarain pasta?”
“That’s here”
“And the beef for you ma’am.”
“Thank you.”
“Can I help you with anything else?”
“Could we get a pitcher of water please?”
“Of course.”

Dialogue 5 (during the meal)

“Is everything to your satisfaction?”
“Yes, thank you. Excellent thanks.”

Dialogue 6 (at the end of the meal)

bill = check

“Can we get the bill please?”
“Of course. Was everything to your liking?”
“Very good thanks.”

Dialogue 7 (leaving)

“Thank you for coming. Have a good evening and hope to see you again.”
“Good night.”