Useful Vocabulary and Phrases

transfer / connections
onward journey
bureau de change
luggage carousel
car hire
taxi rank
airport / city express
tourist information


“Can I see your passport please?”
“What is the purpose of your visit to…?”
“Why are you visiting…?”
“What brings you to…?”
“Can I see your return ticket please?”
“Please look into the camera.”
“Please place your thumb on the pad.”
“Please place your fingers on the pad.”
“You need to fill in one of these forms and then come back to me.”


“Do you have anything to declare?”
“Can you open your bag please?”
“Do you have any fruits, vegetables or foodstuffs in your bags?”
“Do you have paperwork / a certificate for this?”

Bureau de Change / Currency Exchange

“I’d like to change some … into …”
“How much would you like to change?”
“The exchange rate is….”
“No problem”
“That comes to (amount). Please check it.”

Tourist Information

“Do you have a map of the city / the area?”
“Could you recommend a hotel to me?”
“Do you know anywhere I can stay for between … and … (a night) / under … (a night)?”
“What’s the best / quickest / cheapest way to get into the city?”

Missed a Connection

‘Excuse me, my flight was delayed and I’ve missed my connection. Can I get on to the next plane? / What can I do?”