Useful Vocabulary & Phrases

cab = taxi

We need to…

find a cab
hail a cab
flag down a cab
book a cab
find a taxi rank

Where to?

… and ….
The corner of …and …
…, between …and …
…, then…     (*if making two stops)
Do you know where this is?
Follow that cab

Getting help from the driver

Could you help me with my case?
Could you open the boot?   (*UK English)
Could you pop the trunk?   (*US English)

Wait a minute

Hold on a second, someone else is coming
There’s someone else coming

En route

Could you turn on the radio?
Could you roll down the window?
Is it possible you could lend me your phone?

Picking up a friend

Can we make a quick stop at…
Can we pull over here? I need to pick up my friend.
We need to make a detour via…


Here is fine
Here is OK
At the…is fine
Just by the …is fine


Here’s …
Put it on my (transport) card
Do you take cards?


Keep the change
Make it…
Round it up to…



Dialogue 1

“Where to?”
“The corner of Jones and 5th please.”

“Just here on the corner is fine”
“That’ll be $4.35”
“Keep the change”
“Thank you very much. Don’t forget your belongings”

Dialogue 2

“Did you order a cab?”
“Yes. Do you mind opening the boot?”
“Not at all. Where are you heading to?”
“5th Avenue, between 21st and 22nd”

“Just here is fine”
“That’ll be $3.10”
“Round it up to 4”
“Here’s your change. Don’t forget your belongings”

Culture Note

In America, tipping is almost everywhere, including taxis. The easiest way to tip is to let the driver ‘keep the change’. However, if you think the change is too small or too large, you can tell the driver to ’round it up to…”.

In the UK tipping is not such a big issue, but many drivers still expect it.