At the Zoo

Original: The Zoo

Last week I went to the zoo. The animals were very cute, and I liked looking at the penguins. The tigers were also very good, but I didn’t like the insect house.
After the zoo I went to get some food. The restaurant was very close to the zoo. I ate some spaghetti, and some chocolate cake. It was delicious.
Finally I went home. It had been a good day.

Upgraded Example: A Grand Day Out

Last Tuesday afternoon, when the weather was good and I had some free time from work, I went to the zoo. Some of the animals were adorable, and I really enjoyed seeing the penguins: their black and white feathers make them look like little waiters, and the manner in which they walk on the ice is very amusing. The tigers were also marvelous – scary, but elegant – but I didn’t like the insect house: it was filled with the sort of animals which make my skin crawl.
After walking around the zoo for three hours I was starving so I went to get some food at a small place a short bus ride away. Here I ate some spaghetti, and some chocolate cake; it was all delicious, and good value for money too. If anyone is looking for some good Italian food, I would thoroughly recommend this delightful place.
Finally, after a tiring yet wonderful day, I went home. Lying in bed that night I thought these are the sort of days that make life worth living, and make me want to wake up as early as possible the next morning.

Exercise: Write about a day out you recently had.