Present Perfect Review

The present perfect is used for actions that are finished, but the time is not finished.

– examples

I have gone to 5 different places today
(going to the place = finished ; today = not finished)

He has missed school 3 times this week
(missing school = finished ; this week = not finished)

Present Perfect + already

Adding ‘already’ to a present perfect sentence gives extra meaning.

1. for something finished earlier than expected
2. for something finished now, which could have been finished later
3. for something finished and that can’t be changed

– examples

It’s only 4pm, but I’ve already finished my dinner.
You’re only 18, and you’re already married?!
I can’t believe she’s already dumped him: they had only been going out for 2 weeks.

I’ve already done my homework, so I’m going to watch TV.
He’s already done his work for the day, so the afternoon is free.

I can’t take it back to the shop now: I’ve already worn it.
I wanted to tell him not to marry her, but he’s already done it.
I would go to the cinema with you, but I’ve already seen that movie.
The teacher gave him a book to read, but he has already read it.

Present Perfect + just

Add ‘just’ to the present perfect for things that have finished / happened very recently

– examples:

I have only just got here. Did I miss anything?
She’s just got divorced, so be nice to her.
They’ve just bought a house. We should go and visit.

Present Perfect + yet

Use ‘present perfect + yet’ for something not finished, but will be finished (or is planned to be finished)

– examples

I haven’t done my homework yet; I’ll do it after dinner.
Don’t worry, the game hasn’t started yet.
We haven’t met them yet, but I have heard they are very nice.

Present Perfect + still

Use the present perfect + still for negative sentences (haven’t) that have not been stopped.(a similar idea as ‘yet’ – they should be stopped, but haven’t so far)

– examples:

I still haven’t called him, but I will do it after dinner.
They still haven’t got married? Wow, they have already been dating for 10 years.
She still hasn’t seen that movie. We should ask her to come with us.


1. Answer these questions:
(i) What have you already done today?
(ii) What have you recently (just) done?
(iii) What have you not done yet today?
(iv) What have you still to do this week?