Sentences in the present continuous tense can be said in the passive voice.

The Present Continuous Tense

am/is/are …ing

They are washing the cat

The Passive Voice

The passive voice is formed by:
be (in correct tense) + p.p.

In the present continuous tense that is:
am/is/are being + p.p/

– example

The cat is being washed by them

Sentences in the present continuous tense using the passive voice

(active) I am eating the apple
(passive) The apple is being eaten by me

(active) The company is firing everyone
(passive) Everyone is being fired


1. Change these sentences into the passive voice:
(i) The secretary is taking notes of the meeting.
(ii) The sun is melting the ice.
(iii) I see the problem: the pump is pumping hot air into the system instead of cold.

2. Change these sentences out of the passive voice:
(i) They are being driven to the airport by Dave.
(ii) Quick! The bikes are being stolen!
(iii) I can’t do any work: my computer is being fixed.