The future continuous tense can be expressed in the passive and active voice.

Future Continuous Tense

will be …ing

– example

The mechanic will be fixing the your car tomorrow

Passive Form

The passive is formed by ‘be (in correct tense) + p.p’

So for the future continuous tense the passive is:
will be being + p.p.

– example

Your car will be being fixed by the mechanic tomorrow

Sentences using the future continuous tense in the passive voice

(active) I hope they will be cooking dinner when I get home
(passive) I hope dinner will be being cooked when I get home

(active) They will be eating his birthday dinner this time tomorrow
(passive) His birthday dinner will be being eaten this time tomorrow


1. Turn these future continuous sentences into the passive voice:
(i) By the 5 mile mark, the cars will be running at 100km/h.
(ii) DJ Dave will be holding the party.
(iii) Anna will be writing the article on tropical fish, and Philip will be editing it.

2. Change these sentences out of the passive voice:
(i) The games will be being held by Chicago in 2025.
(ii) No one will be being arrested by the police.
(iii) They will probably be being driven crazy by their children.