Tag questions are a way of making questions by using + and – statements.

Why use tag questions

A normal question implies you don’t know the answer.
A tag question suggests that you know the answer, but want to check.

How to make tag questions

Tag questions are made by making a statement, then adding the opposite form of the verb + subject (for example, a positive sentence, followed by the negative form)

– the first statement usually suggests what the speaker thinks. The second statement is used to make the question.
– for many verbs, the negative statement is ‘don’t/doesn’t

– examples

They are so beautiful, aren’t they?
He is your brother, isn’t he?
We aren’t in trouble, are we?

You like cheese, don’t you?
You don’t have a car, do you?

Present Tense Tag Questions

You are a doctor, aren’t you?
She is happy, isn’t she?
They are watching TV, aren’t they?

You aren’t a doctor, are you?
She isn’t happy, is she?
They aren’t watching TV, are they?

You like chicken, don’t you?
He has some money, doesn’t he?
She goes to bed early, doesn’t she?

You don’t like chicken, do you?
He doesn’t have any money, does he?
She doesn’t go to bed early, does she?

Past Tense Tag Questions

I was a cute baby, wasn’t I?
You were there, weren’t you?
She was a police officer, wasn’t she?

I wasn’t a cute baby, was I?
You weren’t there, were you?
She wasn’t a police officer, was she?

She went to school yesterday, didn’t she?
He cooked dinner, didn’t he?
They ate my food, didn’t they?

She didn’t go to school yesterday, did she?
He didn’t cook dinner, did he?
They didn’t eat my food, did they?

Future Tense Tag Questions

I will be paid, won’t I?
He will go on holiday tomorrow, won’t he?
They will buy her a present, won’t they?

I won’t get paid, will I?
He won’t go on holiday tomorrow, will he?
They won’t buy her a present, will they?

Able, Possible and Hypothetical Tag Questions

I can go, can’t I?
She can jump high, can’t she?
They can take me, can’t they?

I can’t go, can I?
She can’t jump high, can she?
They can’t take me, can they?

I could kill you, couldn’t I?
You could tell me, couldn’t you?
They could go to jail, couldn’t they?

I couldn’t kill you, could I?
You couldn’t tell me, could you?
They couldn’t go to jail, could they?

She would like to go, wouldn’t she?
If they had money, they would buy a car, wouldn’t they?
If she had a party, he would come, wouldn’t he?

She wouldn’t go, would she?
If they had money, they wouldn’t buy a car, would they?
If she had a party, he wouldn’t come, would he?


Change these questions into tag questions:
(i) Do you like chicken?
(ii) Should I go to the party?
(iii) Do you have enough to drink?
(iv) Did you see the movie last night?