The present perfect tense is for something that has happened between a time in the past and now.

Important note: in the present perfect, the action has finished, but the time has not finished.

Examples of unfinished time phrases

this week
this year
in the last 3 days
my life

How to make the present perfect tense

have/has + past participle

– examples

I have gone to school.
She has done her homework.
They have taken all my money.

Examples of using the present perfect tense

1: What have you done today?
(between midnight and now)

I have woken up.
I have eaten breakfast.
I have gone to school.

2: What have you done this week?
(between Monday morning and now)

I have visited my grandfather.
I have gone to the cinema.
I have been to Beijing.

3: Describing your life
(between the day you were born and now)

I have been to Las Vegas.
I have graduated from high school.
I have got married and had 23 children.

Adding ‘haven’t’ to the present perfect tense

The present perfect tense can also describe what you have not done. For this, change ‘have/has’ to ‘haven’t/hasn’t’.

– examples

He hasn’t cleaned the dishes today.
She hasn’t been to Japan.


1. Answer these questions:
(i) What have you done today?
(ii) what have you done this week?
(iii) what have you done (in your life)?

2. Think of some things you haven’t done today.