We use similes as a way to compare things.

How to make similes

Similes can be made in 2 different ways:
1) …as…as…
2) …like…


The …as…as… form is used for adjectives (tall, fat, red) and adverbs (quickly, well, badly, intelligently).

He is as tall as a tree.
She is as strong as a gorilla.
This city is as ugly as a public toilet.
She runs as fast as lightning.
They are playing as badly as they always do.


The …like… form is often used for verbs, although it can be used for adjectives and adverbs.
(note: when writing with adjectives and adverbs, a comma is usually used)

They are fighting like cats and dogs.
They are playing like Brazil.
She is screaming like my old high school teacher used to.
He is running like a drunk giraffe.
He drinks like a fish.
She is tall, like a tree.
He is hungry, like a starving wolf.


Create similes to describe:
(i) yourself
(ii) your best friend
(iii) your house
(iv) your favourite TV show