The Past Perfect Tense

The easiest way to think of the past perfect tense is 'a past before a past'. - To make the past perfect you need two events in the past. - the earlier event uses the past perfect (the other event can be the past tense, or past continuous) - to…
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The Future Perfect Tense

Uses for the future perfect tense 1. For events that haven't happened yet, but will have been finished by a time in the future. 2. To say how long something will have happened for by a time in the future. How to Make The Future Perfect Tense To make the…
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Reported Speech

Uses: Reported speech is when you have to tell another person what a person said. How to Make Reported Speech 1. If the thing was said recently or you think it is still true, then don't change the tense. 2. If the thing that was said was a long time…
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Even though vs. Despite

When do people use 'even though' or 'despite' (i) To show that although there is good reason for something to be true, it is actually not the case (ii)For surprise, or for something surprising. - examples Despite being beautiful, most people hate her. (because she is beautiful, you would think…
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Don’t Do That!

How to tell someone they aren't allowed to do something. When speaking, there are different ways to tell somebody they aren't allowed to do something. 1) you can't (do something) 2) you aren't allowed (to do something) 3) (something) isn't allowed 4) (something) isn't permitted 5) you mustn't (do something)…
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