General Information

Overview of the Writing Test – Part 2
Example IELTS Writing Topics
Problems of Logic and Ideas


Planning Before Writing
Writing Paragraphs

Displaying Essential Language Skills

Using Multiple Tenses
Using the Passive Voice
Using Hypotheticals and Modals
Using Relative and Adverbial Clauses

Flow and Pace

Linking Phrases


Adding Flair

Final Checks

Things to Avoid
Check List

Example Essays

Essays with Marker’s Notes (Non-Native Speakers)

Individuals Helping the Environment

300 + words (Native Speakers)

Employment Quotas
Banning Unhealthy Foods
Small vs. Large Classes
Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction in Society
Peer Pressure in Shopping

600 + words (Native Speakers)

Roles of Women in Youth Development
Peer Pressure in Shopping
Population Control via Taxation