A variety of resources – many used in genuine classes – to aid in English study:

I. 口语 Speaking

(i) Interactive Dialogues
(ii) Sample Dialogues
(iii) Phrase Book

II. 听力 Listening

III. 阅读 Reading

(i) Selected Articles
(ii) The Western Press
(iii) Reading Lists

IV. 写作 Writing

(i) Adjusting Tone
(ii) Punctuation Guide
(iii) Upgrading Language Exercises
(iv) Writing Essays
(v) Email Samples

V. 语法 Grammar

(i) Grammar Points (by level)

VI. 词汇 Vocabulary

(i) Vocabulary Clusters (by level)
(ii) Latin Used in English
(iii) French Used in English
(iv) Shakespearean Phrases
(v) Acronyms and Abbreviations

VII. 短语 Structural Phrases

(i) Structural Phrases (by level)
(ii) Linking Phrases

VIII. 谚语 Idioms

(i) Idioms (by letter)

IX. 修辞手法 Flair and Skills

(i) Literary Tropes

X. 易错点 Avoiding Mistakes

(i) Common ESL Mistakes

XI. 课程档案 Lesson Archive

(i) Lessons (by level)