Those key and simple phrases to help you through set situations, from the airport to the restaurant, and far beyond.

Everyday Speech 日常谈话

Greetings 问候
Introductions 介绍他人
General Conversation 对话

Travel 旅游

Taxi 乘出租车
Airport (departures) 机场(离开)
Airport (arrivals) 机场(抵达)
Train (tickets and boarding) 火车(车票和预约)
Directions (walking) 问路(走路)
Directions (driving) 问路(驾车)

At a Hotel (general) 在宾馆(一般情况)
At a Hotel (complaining) 在宾馆(投诉)

Customs 移民,安全,海关

进餐 Dining

Booking a Restaurant Table 预约餐桌
At the Restaurant (ordering) 在餐厅(点餐)
At the Restaurant (complaining) 在餐厅(投诉)

Shopping 购物

Returning Items 退货

Business 商务

Job Interview (Interviewer) 工作面试(面试官)

Dating 约会

Asking for a Date 计划约会
Breaking Up 分手

Health 健康

At the Doctor’s 看医生

Emergency 紧急情况

Asking for Help 寻求帮助
Phoning for Help 电话求助