Part 1

Philip: Tell me about your family.
Philip: 谈论一下你的家庭吧。

Anna: Well, I have an older brother named Eddie. He is 29 years old, and works in a bank in London.
Anna: 好的,我有一个兄弟,他叫 Eddie  他29岁了,在伦敦的一个银行工作。

He has a wife, called Susan. She is 28 years old. They don’t have any children

I don’t have a sister.

My parents live in Edinburgh. My mother works in a shop, and my father works in an office.

My father is 55 years old, and my mother is 53.

My grandparents live in Birmingham and Manchester. My dad’s parents live in  Birmingham
我的祖父母生活在伯明翰和曼彻斯特.  我父亲的父母生活在伯明翰

and my mum’s parents live in Manchester. I’m not sure how old they are.

Part 2

Anna: Tell me about your family.

Philip: I have an older sister named Haley, who is 47 years old, and a younger brother

who is 35 years old. My younger brother is called Ian. My sister has a husband, called Steve, and my brother has a wife named Ellie.
他35岁,我弟弟叫Ian。我姐姐的丈夫叫Steve,我弟弟的妻子叫 Ellie。

My sister and her husband have a daughter named Kara, and my brother and his wife have a son named Max.

My parents are divorced. My father lives in Cardiff. He is retired.

My mother lives in Leeds with her new husband. He is OK.

3 of my grandparents have passed on.

Anna: I’m sorry to hear that.
Anna: 非常抱歉听到这样的消息。

Philip: My grandfather on my father’s side is OK, and he lives in Torquay. He is 100 years old.

Anna: That’s very old.

Part 3

Anna knows about Philip’s family. He has a brother and a sister, who are married.

His brother is named Ian and Ian’s wife is named Ellie. His sister’s name is Haley, and
他兄弟名叫Ian,Ian的妻子叫Ellie。  他姐妹名叫Haley,

Haley’s husband is called Steve.
Haley的丈夫叫 Steve

Ian and Ellie have a son named Max. Haley and Steve have a daughter named Kara.
Ian 和Ellie 有个儿子叫Max.。Haley 和Steve哟个女儿叫Kara。

Max is 19 years old, and Kara is 26. He also has one grandparent, who is 100 years old.
Max 19岁,Kara则26岁了。Philip有一位100岁的祖父(母)。

Philip also says that Kara has a boyfriend, but Max does not have a girlfriend.
Philip 还说Kara 有个男朋友,但是Max还没有女朋友

Philip doesn’t know Kara’s boyfriend, but Haley says he is very nice.
Philip并不了解 Kara的男朋友,但是Haley说他人很好。

Part 4

There are lots of people in a family, and lots of different words. Some of the words go together in pairs:

a mother and a father; a husband and a wife; a grandmother and a grandfather; an aunt and an uncle; a son or a daughter.

A boyfriend and a girlfriend may want to get married. This makes them husband and wife.

If a husband and wife don’t like each other, they may get divorced.

Some people get married, then divorced, then re-married, then divorced again.

Some people get married 5 or 6 times. Some people never marry.

Some people have a wife and a girlfriend (but don’t tell the wife).

Some people have children. Some people have a son, and some people have a daughter.

Some people have sons and daughters. Some people don’t want children.

Some children are nice. Some children are cute. Some children are hard work.