At the Hospital

Part 1 Doctor: Hi there, Mr Lu. The operation on your father seems to have gone well. He was under for 3 hours. We’re moving him to the ward now, so you will be able to see him soon. Philip: Thank you Doctor. Thank you. So what comes next? Doctor:…
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At the Bar

Part 1 Bargirl: Hi. What can I get ya? Anna: Can I get a vodka coke, a G’n’T, and a double whisky on the rocks? And what time does the pub quiz start? Bargirl: The quiz starts at half eight, or whatever time the quizmaster eventually drifts in. Ice in…
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Getting a Refund

Part 1 Shop Assistant: Hi there. What can I do you for? Dave: Hi. I bought this electric toothbrush from your shop last week but it doesn’t seem to be working. It never seems to have any power. I mean, I charge it all day and the little light thing…
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Job Interview

Part 1 Interviewer: Emili, is it? Come in and have a seat. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Did you find the place OK? Emili: Yes, no problem. Actually, I took a taxi: I didn't want to be late. Interviewer: Gosh, I hope you haven’t been waiting long. We overran…
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Level 6 Vocabulary

gimmick principle spectacle passion essence condition characteristic nepotism favouritism meritocracy bewitching morbid nationalistic platonic congenial spooky iconic classy hereditary supernatural -gifted (academically /musically /physically / technically) pseudo- (scientific/religious/ intellectual/ political) quasi- (scientific/religious/intellectual/ political) grovel imply coerce sponge deter fund inspire under-whelm overwhelm impede derive waive buy up sell up hook…
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