General Conversation

Useful Vocabulary & Phrases Long time, no see It has been a while It has been ages since I saw you It has been ages How long has it been? Recent Well-Being and Activities How have you been? How have things been? How has life been treating you? What have…
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Useful Vocabulary & Phrases Introductions This is I'd like to introduce you May I Have you Work She is a (job) She works as a (job) She works for (company) She works in (sector) We work together We used to work together We know each other through work Other Background…
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At a Hotel (general)

Useful Vocabulary check in check out deposit key keycard single double twin family balcony shower bathroom bedroom living room safe reception concierge restaurant swimming pool sauna business center room service complimentary breakfast Useful Phrases Do you have any rooms? I'd like (single/double/twin/family) Do you have anything with (balcony/sea view)? I'd…
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that is one (adj. + noun)  (= really really / amazingly) Wow, that is one tasty burger. Dave scored 5 out of 50 on his test. He is one stupid dude. go too far  (= was good, but now done too much) At first, the jokes were funny, but in…
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