Useful Phrases

It isn't necessary to learn all these phrases, but knowing a few can help. Dealing with problems Getting help Sorry, I'm being a bit slow. Sorry, my listening isn't the best. Sorry, my brain is failing me. Could you rephrase that? I didn't quite catch that, sorry. I'm afraid I…
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How the Speaking Test Works

Outline The IELTS speaking test come in three parts. Part 1: Introductions Part 2: Topic Part 3: Expansion The introduction generally has 10-12 questions on a simple personal subject. The second part consists of the student being given a card with a question and a minute to prepare a two…
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Tips to Perform Better

Body language Making an impression is as important as the words you use. Don't look like you are reciting an answer; act like it is a natural conversation. Remember what the examiner is looking for The speaking test is an examination of fluency and communication, not using big words. Talk…
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IELTS Speaking

Tips to Talk More

It is important to know how to give both long and short answers. A lot of students struggle to give long answers because they don't know what to talk about. Developing basic answers It is a very good idea to expand the scope of answers - don't limit responses to…
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