Watergate Scandal

On June 17th 1972 five men were arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate Office Complex in Washington, The follow-up would lead to one of America's biggest political scandals and the resignation of President Richard Nixon, the only US President to ever resign. Election Year…
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Indian Ocean Tsunami

The Indian Ocean Tsunami (also known as the 'Boxing Day Tsunami') was a catastrophic event that occurred on December 26th 2004. At local time an earthquake measuring and lasting 8-10 minutes - the the longest in time and third largest in force ever recorded - struck in the ocean near…
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NHS Founded

The National Health Service came into existence in 1948. It gave all citizens of the United Kingdom health care coverage, with the cost covered purely by taxation. Continuing a Plan Although the NHS came into existence in 1948, it was a plan that had been in place since a report…
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World War II

World War II (also called 'The Second World War') was a global conflict. It ran from 1939 to 1945, involved over 30 countries and 100m people, and resulted in 50-85m deaths. It remains the deadliest conflict in world history. The Shadow of World War I World War I (1914-1919) had…
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Decimal Day

February 15th 1971 saw the UK move its money to the decimal system. The Old System Before decimalisation the UK used the Empirical System. ¬£1 = 20 shillings(s) 1s = 12 pence(d) Therefore ¬£1 = 240d. A variety of coins (now no longer used) were also in circulation: half crown…
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World War I

World War I (also called The First World War, or The Great War) lasted from 1914-1919. It directly resulted in at least 9 million deaths, and was mostly fought in Europe. Build-Up: Imperialism For many years the major European powers - The UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia -…
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