The Little Red Hen

Once upon a time, on a farm, a hard-working little red hen lived with a dog, a cat and a pig. One day the little red hen decided to make some bread. "Who will help me make the bread?" asked the hen. "Not I" said the dog. "Not I" yawned…
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Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was liked by everyone she knew, and loved by her mother and grandmother. The child liked to wear a red, velvet hood, and so people called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day Little Red Riding Hood's mother spoke to…
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The Ugly Duckling

One Spring, down by the lake, a mother duck waited for her eggs to hatch. It was a beautiful day, and she had waited for a long time, but finally today was the day. With a 'tap-tap' the beak of one of her babies broke the egg, and soon she…
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Once upon a time there was a rich man whose wife was dying. Just before she died, the wife called their daughter into her room and told her that if she was always good, she would look down on her from heaven. Over winter the daughter went to her mother's…
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Snow White

One winter's day a queen sat sewing at her window, watching the white snow fall beyond the black ebony window frame. As she sewed she pricked her finger with the needle, and three drops of blood fell on the snow. When she saw the three colours she thought, 'One day…
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Traditional Stories

The Golden Goose

There were once three brothers. The eldest was the strongest and smartest, followed by the middle, and the youngest - called Dummling - was generally seen to be a bit stupid. One day their father asked the oldest to go into the forest and cut down some wood. Their mother…
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