Expressing an Alternative

alternatively I could play computer games. Alternatively I could watch TV. One option tonight is to go drinking with my boss. Alternatively I could stay home at get shouted at by my wife. Decisions, rather It's raining. Why don't we go to the cinema rather than going to the park?…
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in other words Learning English purely for academic reasons means a student misses all the things the language can do in the real world. In other words, English should be thought of as a tool, not a test. Yesterday, after he got his vaccination, Jerry ran around screaming that he…
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then If she wasn't here then it couldn't have been her. in other words 'He bought the wrong cake, and then forgot to meet her' 'In other words: he's an idiot.' in that case 'She's a bit angry with you.' 'In that case I had better go home early tonight.'…
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